Ideas for the future

Here are notes I took from folks who attended today’s anniversary celebration :yellow_heart:

Originally sent in Future of Out Fitness

Feel free to add ideas here for our second year and the future! What do you want to see from Out Fitness? I'll also add thoughts and comments from people attending our celebration this Sunday afternoon, Oct. 15 :grin:

Here come the ideas. Is there a way we could book the two rooms separately sometimes? For example if someone knows they won't use the treadmill room during their workout, could someone else use it?

As some people become more comfortable in the space, they wouldn't mind if another person arrives for their workout at the same time theirs ends. Passing each other at the door can be nice!

Safety suggestion: Every person needs to punch their code into the keybox for tracking. So don't let another person in even if you know them!

What about booking smaller increments, 30 minutes? Even 15 minute increments?

In the magical future, what about a large common area for stretching, chatting, just getting ready to leave. Then private studios (multiple!) for truly private time.

However it grows, we don't want to lose the spirit of ease, privacy, convenience of just popping into your studio time

Someday barbells and more free weights would be nice. Some intermediate level instruction and spotters would be necessary!

Self defense or martial arts instruction would be useful!

More yoga classes (beginner friendly)!

More workshops, maybe healthy food stuff or learning bodywork.

Sage would customize their bodywork workshop based on who shows up in the space, and it would be one-off, not a course with multiple required sessions.

Goals that folks have for the next year: Take more walks, get out of the house, intentionally set aside time for exercise. Group hikes to meet each other.

How about a YouTube playlist that people could contribute to, and other people could watch at the studio?

QR codes for each piece of equipment ?

Working out regularly has been great for mental health

Could the blue room become the "cardio room" that people could book individually...

Another idea: community gatherings for wellness-themed connections and networking. Something similar to Neighbor Up "neighbor nights."

More ideas from recent conversations:

  • pop-ups in other spaces, both to spread the word and also work towards a new larger space
  • scavenger hunt or passport to visit other queer- and wellness-focused businesses