New smart lock πŸ”’ and door codes πŸ”’

Exciting update: the studio is now keyless! I’ve installed a smart lock on the exterior door (facing W 74th St).

You will have a new door code. Check your email after booking your next appointment for instructions. The code you used for the old lockbox will no longer work. When you arrive to the studio, you will enter your new code and then touch :heavy_check_mark: to unlock the door.


This smart lock will be easier and more secure, because:

  • The door will lock automatically when you close it, so you don’t need to remember to lock it behind you on your way in/out.
  • There will be no physical keys to handle (or lose).
  • Our two studio rooms will be unlocked for you, and you can latch them from inside for privacy.

If you are ever locked out, please text me at 216-250-2098.