Partner Campaign begins!

We’re launching a campaign for Out Fitness to get up to 20 Partners, and you can help!!

Our monthly Partner Plan is designed to be an affordable way to give Out Fitness the ongoing support it needs to cover studio expenses. As a Partner, you can use our studio as your own personal gym! Or you can donate a Partner Plan for another member of our LGBTQ+ community to use.

The campaign is now live on

:yellow_heart: Thank you to our first 5 Partners: Matt, Mikey, Val, Sam, and Sage! :yellow_heart:

For $30 /month, your Partner Plan includes:

Unlimited private studio time with drop-in and free guest privileges, plus $1 off every class. And you can cancel and restart at any time.

If you’re not already a partner, try it for a month!

And please share with someone you know today to spread the word. Thanks!

Thank you and welcome to Andrew!